DEX is an affordable solution to help employees improve efficiency and productivity while reducing risk of injury and fatigue. To top it off, on average the DEX is half the cost of leading personal transportation devices!

  • Stand-up personal carrier
  • 110 volt charger
  • Tight turning radius for ease of maneuvering
  • Easy access to drive components for service
  • Ergonomic handle design



  • Rider weight capacity: 350 lbs. (159 kg)
  • Tow capacity with hitch accessory: 750 lbs. (340 kg)

Battery & Speed

  • Standard models can travel up to 4 mph
  • Continuous run time up to 30 miles

Accessories | To order call 800-248-9131


Strobe light


Tablet holder

Product guide


Contact Service at 1-800-248-9131 to find your manual.

Battery life span

To keep you and your Amigo on the go, batteries in good working condition is critical. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Charge batteries at every opportunity whenever the Amigo is not in use.
  2. Amigo battery chargers are smart chargers, so they stop charging when the battery reaches a full charge.
  3. AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries have a general lifespan of about 18-24 months (with proper charging) and Lithium-ion batteries are much longer,  ranging up to 5 years.

If you have questions about battery replacement, please contact our service team at 1-800-248-9131.