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In 1970, Amigo Mobility sold the first motorized shopping cart. Since then our grocery and retail division has earned the confidence of retailers around the world – resulting in the top five U.S. grocery retailers choosing Amigo products.

(Can we change this to something like “Discover why Amigo has earned the trust of the top five U.S. grocery retailers by providing the highest quality motorized shopping carts yada yada yada?” Talking about the past is a fun fact but maybe we should try something else for the opening line.)

  • Quality products that are customized to the needs of your stores
  • Minimal lead times
  • 100% recyclable products
  • Designed for ease of service
  • Made is the U.S.A.

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Customer reviews

  • “We have had our Amigos three years and we have not had any issues or problems. Our customers think they are great.”

    Casey Fresh to Frozen
  • “Your Amigos have changed my life!! I can be part of life by being able to shop!! I feel every single facility should offer cards for disabled people!”

    Renee Chenot-Lanfear
  • Amigo motorized carts have been great for our stores. Our customers and store personnel appreciate the longer battery life, and our maintenance team likes how easy they are to maintain. It is a pleasure working with Amigo's sales team. Their customer service is outstanding.

    Grocery Store Manager Minnesota
  • “We love the new Amigos. They are easier to handle and more user friendly than the old model we had. I love the fast charging as well. The best feature is the SmartTrack, making it stop within my parking lot, which is easier for my employees to track.”

    Cindy Store Manager, Schnucks


SmartTrack is an innovative solution to cart theft with a tracking chip programmed with your store’s GPS coordinates. If a cart travels outside the boundary, the cart enters reverse only mode.

This solution has no buried lines, wires transmitters or monthly fees.

Available on ValueShopper, Valueshopper XL and SmartShopper models.



SmartSensor is a collision avoidance system for motorized carts. It reduces the risk of carts bumping into people, objects or store displays.

How it works: A small collision avoidance sensor is secured to the front basket of the motorized cart. This sensor helps to keep drivers a safe distance from objects at all times; the cart will slow down or stop if it gets too close to an object. Once the obstacle has been cleared from the path, SmartSensor automatically resets and the cart can be driven forward again.

Available on ValueShopper, ValueShopper XL and SmartShopper models.


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