Amigo ValueShopper Designed for Ease of Service

Amigo ValueShopper™ motorized shopping cart was designed for ease of service to reduce cart downtime and save money on repairs. The simple repairs seen below can be completed in stores by store managers or maintenance teams.

1. Handle Enclosure

Unplug the cable and use an Allen wrench to unscrew a few bolts. Lift the handle and replace with new.

2. Seat Cover

Instead of replacing the entire seat, the seat cover can be removed and replaced with a new one easily.

3. Batteries

Pull the seat back for easy access to the batteries – batteries can be replaced without the use of tools.

4. AC/Charge Cord

Each ValueShopper has the option of shipping with a replacement A/C cord stored in the seat post for instant repair – all you need is a screwdriver.

Discover more about the Amigo ValueShopper and why it is the most popular motorized shopping cart with the lowest cost of ownership.