Helpful Tips

Below are some helpful tips for everyday use of your Amigo. It is important to always lock the seat and turn the Amigo off before transferring or doing activities.

In the Kitchen

Approach a table, counter, sink or stove by maneuvering parallel to it. Swivel seat to the desired position. When the base of the Amigo is parallel to your work area, the handle and drive head will be out of the way.

For access to a refrigerator, back up to the outside of the handle side of the door, allowing room for the door to open. After opening the door, swivel seat to face the refrigerator.

In the Bathroom

With limited space, it may be easiest to back into the bathroom or stall. Position the Amigo close to the toilet. Swivel the seat and lock it in position, then transfer forward onto the toilet. It may not be necessary for men to transfer; and the same procedure may be applicable for a urinal that is low enough.

To transfer into the shower, back up parallel to the shower. Swivel the seat of the Amigo and place your feet on the shower floor. Engage the seat lock of the Amigo, then transfer.

In the Bedroom

To transfer to the bed, back the Amigo parallel to it. Swivel the seat and lock it into position, then ease onto the bed. If you plan on charging the batteries overnight, it is best to plug it in before transferring.

In the Car

Make a parallel approach to the side of the car, then release the door latch and pull the door open as you drive forward.

Back the Amigo parallel to the side of the car, and into the door opening. Swivel the seat to face the same direction as the car seat and lock it in position, then transfer.

Using an Elevator

Backing into an elevator allows you to exit forward. Be sure the elevator is level with the floor. Always be careful when driving from one type of surface to another.

Opening Doors

To open a door that opens toward you, approach the door at an angle and just off to the handle side. Grab the doorknob, reverse the Amigo, and pull the door open. For doors that open away from you, release the latch and then slowly drive forward, while pushing the door open.

Ramps, Inclines and Change of Surface

  • Do not turn when descending an incline
  • Do not make sudden sharp turns or turns at high speed
  • Do not back onto any change of type of surface
  • It is not recommended to operate your Amigo on any incline that has over one inch of rise per one foot of length

Cleaning your Amigo

Tires: Tires should be cleaned with kitchen-type cleaners and a damp cloth. Don’t use solvents on tires as they cause tire material to break down or become too soft.

Platform and Cover: Use cool water with mild soap to remove dirt and oils. Do not spray the entire vehicle with water. The platform edges and covers can be waxed with car body wax and buffed by hand with a soft cloth.

Seat: The vinyl seat can be cleaned with a mild soap or detergent and a damp cloth. A vinyl cleaner can also be used. Cloth seats can be cleaned with a damp cloth or as any upholstery. Care should be taken not to soak seats, as the interior cushion will hold water.

Keep cleaning solvents and water away from electrical wires and connections.